is a French Art Director & Designer
working in Los Angeles and New York City.

She specializes in art direction, content creation, branding, and editorial design in print and digital. With a keen eye for detail, her work is known for its thoughtfulness and warm authenticity. She approaches design in a quiet but powerful way, believing that the work should always speak for itself. Always believing that consistently good is better than great once.

With agency and client experiences across a range of industries including fashion, beauty, hospitality, social tech, luxury and publishing. She has had the opportunity to work with brands such as  Cartier, Hourglass Cosmetics, Reformation, Maison Margiela, Equinox Hotel, Unfold by Squarespace, Rosewood Hotels, Chillhouse, Soho House, Gap, Editorialist Magazine, St. Germain, Lacoste, Mariah Black, CND, & many more.

merci beaucoup